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Gameday Thread: Yankees at O's, 09/26

     Randy Johnson, LH              Rodrigo Lopez, RH
     (15-8, 3.90)                   (14-11, 4.79)

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and YES.

The Yankees need these games because the final series for them is at Fenway Park. Quite a fantastic finish for the AL East may be coming, unfortunately it will again be between two teams that give me gas.

The Orioles can help the lesser of two evils out by finally standing up for themselves in a game against the Yankees that means anything to anyone, and while I won't hold my breath, I am really hoping it'll go down that way.

Johnson and Lopez had a nice duel in the last series, Johnson going eight for the win and Lopez countering with a pretty solid six and a third. Yanks won 2-1.

The matchup does favor Baltimore in some ways, the biggest being that Lopez has a 3.74/1.26 line at Camden Yards, and Johnson is 4-6 with a 5.04 ERA on the road this year. Batters away from Yankee Stadium are hitting .284 off of Johnson, as compared to just .220 at home. The gap in quality between Johnson's 18 starts in New York (11-2, 3.13/0.99) and on the road is huge.

If the O's lose today, it will be their longest losing streak of the season (nine games). LET'S GO O'S!