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Cabrera returning tonight; Palmeiro goes home

Alright, the holiday weekend is over, back to the Orioles. The O's didn't get Labor Day off, which was doubly upsetting for them as they aren't even good at their job. They lost.

Daniel Cabrera is off the DL and returns tonight against the Jays, which is the team he faced in his last start, one you might remember for him firing a heater at Eric Hinske's head. Perhaps Cabrera simply let one get away, or perhaps Cabrera thought Hinske had dandruff and wanted to give him a helping hand, but if you ask me, he threw at his head.

A quote from Hinske: "You know, if you're going to hit a guy, hit him in the ass or the leg or something."

Unlike the AP, I'm such a hardcore journalist that I don't replace "ass" with "(rear)". Earlier in the year I was attempting to keep my foul language to a real minimum, maybe even not using it at all (except calling Enrique Wilson "shitty"), but watching the Orioles has softened me. Do not take this as a sign of my wonderful everyday life manners, however. Oh boy, out in the real world, it's F this and F that and so on.

No, I'm not sure what I'm getting at either.

Cabrera and his massive potential and ERA at five will face Ted Lilly. I'll get a gameday thread up in a while, not that it matters because we've all given right the hell up on this rotten season.

Rafael Palmeiro is going home to Texas, where he belongs, to rehab his knee and ankle. If you like conspiracy theory-type stuff, let's go ahead and say this is Palmeiro building up an excuse to not come back in 2006 that has nothing to do with steroids. He's even still leaving the door open to return next year, which to me means he's not going to, and he'll say his legs just aren't up for it anymore. God forbid Palmeiro just go on the DL and shut up already. I've also had enough of Perlozzo sugar-coating this mess with the idea that hey, Raffy could help with a couple at-bats! Seriously! I know it's his job, and I don't really blame him for putting a positive spin on this, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

All these guys are up on the 40-man roster now, but we're still back to playing BJ Surhoff and Geronimo Gil, when the end result of either is quite clear at this point. The Oriole Way! Whatever, I guess, it's not like we have anyone with a real future up anyway. Maybe Walter Young, but if I were putting money on it, I'd say not.