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Ripken festivities yesterday

I didn't even really mention it, but it was a pretty cool deal. Here is a good AP article in case you missed it.

It reminded me of a time when you could wear an O's hat and some nerd in a Yankees or Red Sox hat wouldn't give you a bunch of crap about how you suck.

It's been said a trillion times and I really have nothing new to add to it, but Cal Ripken, Jr., was a special type of ballplayer, a throwback to the old days that made old ballplayers tip their cap even though the vast majority of them seem to think baseball ceased being good when they stopped playing the game. Ripken is not only a reminder of when the Orioles weren't one of the worst franchises in the league, but he's truly a shining example of baseball, if that makes sense. When I think of Ripken, I think of baseball and nothing else.

Anyway, I didn't want to let the anniversary totally pass us by. Here's to Cal.