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Off-Day Open Thread

O's are off today before a series at Seattle this weekend. Normally I'd go with the flow and expect everyone to miss the weekend games as there has to be something better to do than watch the Orioles and Mariners have a slapfight, but you'd be wise to tune in Sunday at least, as our boy Chen faces off with 19-year old mega phenom Felix Hernandez. This Hernandez is as naturally gifted a pitcher as I've ever seen. He's 19, he's started seven games, and he's striking out a batter an inning, has a 5-to-1 K-to-BB ratio, is sporting a 1.59 ERA and 0.80 WHIP, and batters are hitting .174 off of him. If those days Daniel Cabrera is on are scary, then Felix Hernandez is terrifying.