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Community Projection: Corey Patterson the Oriole

The folks over at Minor League Ball and other SB Nation sites have done this type of thing before, and I think it's always a pretty interesting way to see what people are thinking, so I'm going to try it here.

The idea is simple: Project the stats for [X] for the upcoming season. Hopefully this'll go well enough that we can run through most of the team. We'll start with the newest Oriole, Corey Patterson.

Here are his numbers from the last four seasons:

           AB   AVG   OBP   SLG   HR   SB/CS     BB/K
2002 CHC  592  .253  .284  .392   14    18/3   19/142
2003 CHC  329  .298  .329  .511   13    16/5    15/77
2004 CHC  631  .266  .320  .452   24    32/9   45/168
2005 CHC  451  .215  .254  .348   13    15/5   23/118

What I'm looking for is the following Patterson projection: AVG/OBP/SLG line, HR, SB/CS and BB/K. I won't do the same thing for every player, because who cares how many bases Javy Lopez steals, for instance.

Once we get this, I'll total it up, figure out the community average, and after the season we'll see how close we were. I'm not going to post mine until I put up the total average.

Have at!