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The New Face of the Orioles?

Kevin Millar, man. It's not official, but I'd bet on it happening. I am not particularly a Millar fan ("Cowboy up!" "We're idiots!"), but if Kevin Millar wants to come here and hit like he did from 2000-2004, then super. I mean it -- that'd be fine by me. Best case scenario, Millar can play first base, Javy can DH, Niner can be a role player, Patterson plays left (and not suck, as this is best case scenario). It leaves out Big Walt, but I think there's a pretty good chance we're trading Javy Lopez sometime this season anyway, and Young could still stand to prove himself at Triple-A for a little bit as it is right now.

My first reaction was, "Why?" and then I thought about it, and I don't really mind it at all. I think he'll slug higher than .399 this year if he plays for the O's, considering his full season career-low before that was .472. If we do sign him, I'll put up a projection thread.