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O's sign Bottalico

You know who always seems way older than he is?

Ricky Bottalico, signed by the Orioles to a minor league deal. Bottalico is only 36. He seems like he's at least 43 years old. (Speaking of 43-year olds, the Diamondbacks signed Terry Mulholland -- are they seriously just running a retirement community now with him, Easley and Grimsley?)

I think the reason Bottalico seems so old is because he hasn't done much of note since 1997. In both '96 and '97, Bottalico saved 34 games for Philly and was a pretty fair pitcher. He has been up and down (and largely down) since, but he did have a really good 2004 for the Mets. He was subpar in Milwaukee last year.

I don't know if he'll make the team or not, but he'll end up on some ML team next season, because he just always does. He's Ricky Bottalico.