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New Poll: O's offseason pickups

New front page poll is up, and I wanted to see some discussion about this, too. We're probably just about done barring signing Weaver, which is a longshot since Angelos hates Boras and that makes negotations a bit tricky, so let's take a look at our four most significant pickups.

Ramon Hernandez
A four-year deal for about $28 million total. Career .262/.325/.418 hitter. A bit injury-prone and 30 next May. Has a backloaded contract so by the time he's most likely at his worst we'll be paying him the most. Regarded as a good defensive catcher. Gives us a proper replacement for Javy Lopez.

Jeff Conine
Veteran clubhouse guy, enjoyed playing here before and we enjoyed having him, I think it's fair to say. Very close to the end of his career. Almost can't be worse than the Bigbie/Byrnes mess we had in left last year, or Surhoff's bat anywhere. Don't know how much he'll play.

Corey Patterson
26-year old with five tools and an apparent lack of brain. Seems to have all the ability to be a Soriano Lite type of hitter, but expectations and results have been different things for the most part thus far. Was dreadful in 2005 with the Cubs. We got him for a song.

Kevin Millar
One-year, $2.1 million deal for another veteran clubhouse guy that isn't as old as Conine and probably has a better chance of contributing. Had a really rough 2005 with the Red Sox but nowhere near Patterson levels of ineptness. Still got on at a .355 clip despite his problems. Could rebound, or could hit bottom. Like Patterson and Conine, really no true risk here either.