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Rays/Dodgers trade

The Dodgers traded RHP Edwin Jackson (age 22) and LHP Chuck Tiffany (age 21) to the Devil Rays for Danys Baez and Lance Carter.

Weird trade for the Dodgers, but I guess they're pretty much settling on being a veteran team, so they're upgrading their pen a little. Jackson and Tiffany are not great prospects, but Tiffany has had a terrific K-rate the last two seasons (12.73 in the Sally in 2004, 10.96 in the FSL last year) and Jackson is still quite young with really good stuff. Tiffany's stuff is more suspect, but lefties with strikeout numbers, yada yada, I've said it about Bedard before.

It's a good move for Tampa Bay, as they continue to retool and try to build for the first future they've ever had, with that old, horrible front office and ownership out of the picture now. Jackson has ace stuff depending on who you ask, and some blame his rough 2005 on the Dodgers for screwing him up more than anything else. Both have a lot of time ahead of them and are now with an organization that has more time to let them grow.

The Dodgers... well, at least they have a plan of attack, I'll give them that.