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NFL Playoffs Open Thread: Washington at Seattle

(And New England at Denver, and tomorrow's games, if you want to talk about those.)

Since I know we have Skins fans here, I'm putting up an open thread if you guys want to do sort of a gameday chatter deal like we do with the O's games during the season. If SB Nation had a Skins site, I'd let them do it, but we don't, so I'm filling the void. I am a true hero. And not even a Redskins fan. My mom was, though. Big Art Monk fan.

The closer it gets to this game, the more I really think Washington can pull this upset off. It's going to be tough to win again on the road, but the Seahawks do not seem unbeatable to me.

Anyhoo, the Skins game is today at 4:30 on FOX. The Pats/Broncos game is at 8 on CBS.

That old Seahawks logo makes it look like the bird has some really bad news.