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Community Projection Results: Millar


My line: .277/.355/.460, 18 HR, 59/80 BB/K

The community line (my projection included):

 AVG   OBP   SLG   HR       BB/K
.275  .351  .434   14   52/75

We look to be projecting an upswing for Millar but not a huge one -- again, I'm pretty happy with how we did. I think Millar can repeat his earlier performances but not quite get back to his peak. And I do think he'll end up as our every day first baseman, because, well, what are our other options?

There are only three positions -- for now -- to split between Patterson, Millar, Conine and Javy Lopez. I see Javy DHing, Millar at first, and Niner or Patterson in left and the other spending a lot of time backing up, and hopefully it ends up being Corey that wins the LF job, by which I mean I hope he deserves to play every day, because that would be more beneficial than Conine. Millar's slugging was down last year and he really had some problems, but I'm going to chalk it up to a down year (or at least just really hope it was). There are some very real concerns that Millar is just spent as an everyday player, but I think he's got a couple years left in him. He's being paid like a reserve, so that's good.

We'll do some more of these this week. I want to get to Jay Gibbons this week and maybe try one or two of our starting pitchers. We'll save Brian Roberts because I'm really interested to see where everyone thinks he's going to be coming off the season he had. I'm interested in the Gibbons projection for the same reason. But it's Sunday, there's playoff football starting in half an hour, and we'll get to Gibby tomorrow probably. Enjoy the games and the rest of your weekend.