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Link: Donovan's AL offseason grades

I generally detest John Donovan, but there isn't much going on, so here's a national writer's views on the O's offseason.

Moving in/moving out: Ramon Hernandez will take over the catching duties after landing a hefty ($27.5 million) four-year contract, Jeff Conine signed for a year to play wherever the O's need him, and former Boston first baseman Kevin Millar landed a one-year pact to pick up a moody clubhouse. Cubs castoff Corey Patterson probably will start in center. And the O's now have the best pitching coach in the business: former Atlanta rocker Leo Mazzone. They lost closer B.J. Ryan to Toronto.

Lowdown: The Orioles have had it hard this winter. White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko turned down huge money to stay in Chicago for less. Jeromy Burnitz was close to a deal, but turned his back on the O's at the last second. Star shortstop Miguel Tejada complained, demanded a trade, then retracted the demand. If Patterson works out, if Conine and Millar can be productive at first, if the O's keep Javy Lopez as a designated hitter, and if Chris Ray or newly acquired LaTroy Hawkins can close, the Orioles haven't lost any ground. Any way you look at it, though, they sure haven't gained any.

GRADE: Scuffling just to fall further behind -- C.

Rest of the article via Yahoo.