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Community Projection: Ramon Hernandez

Hernandez was brought here for his glove, but he's not useless with the bat. We aren't talking Geronimo Gil here -- for one thing, Hernandez might actually be as good as his rep behind the plate, and for another, he can hit his weight.

The concerns with Hernandez mostly center on his durability the last two seasons, when he caught 108 and 97 games. He showed some good power, especially considering his home park, in both seasons, but last year his BB rate took a dive.

Numbers from the last four years:

            AB   AVG   OBP   SLG   HR    BB/K
2002 OAK   403  .233  .313  .335    7   43/64
2003 OAK   483  .273  .331  .458   21   33/79
2004 SDP   384  .276  .341  .477   18   35/45
2005 SDP   369  .290  .322  .450   12   18/40

That's the line, though this time I want you to include AB in your projection: AB, AVG/OBP/SLG, HR, BB/K. Since it's sort of a thin line, I'm going to include a yes or no question with it: Will Ramon Hernandez make a significant difference in the quality of our pitching staff?