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Community Projection: Bruce Chen

Chen is going to be difficult to project. I'm not even going with numbers for the last four years, because in 2002 he was with three teams, in 2003 he was with two, and in 2004 he spent most of the season in the minors. Last year, at 28, he got his first shot since 2001 to be a full-time starter at the major league level, and he did pretty well.

Here are Chen's numbers from last season:

           GS      IP    ERA   WHIP     K   HR
2005 BAL   32*  197.3   3.83   1.27   133   33
*made two relief appearances as well

That's the line: GS, IP, ERA, WHIP, K, HR allowed. This one is making me think more than the rest have, actually, because Chen has had such a delayed start to his career, and I have to decide whether 2005 was a bit of a fluke or the start of Chen finally finding a home, and both ideas weigh sort of evenly if I'm being unbiased.