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Rosenthal reports Benson for Julio/Maine

Source: Ken Rosenthal @ FOX Sports

So if this is really going to go through, then we've got this for a rotation:

  1. Bruce Chen
  2. Daniel Cabrera
  3. Erik Bedard
  4. Kris Benson
  5. Rodrigo Lopez
I'm not excited about Benson, but I'm slightly optimistic that he's the type of guy Leo Mazzone can get positive results out of. Not anything great, but an improvement. His K-rate scares me moving to the AL, but he's a better pitcher than John Maine, who is probably never going to be very good, and Jorge Julio is not going to be difficult to replace. You bring in Mazzone to make guys like Benson good, not guys like Julio good. Six-seven good innings is a lot more helpful than one.

So while I'm not doing cartwheels over it, I like the deal just fine.