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Quick notes

The A's and Frank Thomas agreed to a cheap, one-year deal. How cheap?

Frank Thomas is playing for $500,000.


We signed Kevin Millar? And Jeff Conine?

...We're keeping Javy Lopez on board as trade bait when he's got value right now to teams that could use a bat behind the plate?

And Frank Thomas is playing for FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND?

Frank Thomas played in 34 games last year, clearly wasn't near 100 percent, and hit 12 home runs and slugged .590. I know he hasn't been healthy since 2003 and he's 38 years old...but it's $500,000 as a base salary. Here are the bonuses:

Thomas can earn $1.4 million in roster bonuses if he is on the active major league roster or not on the DL related to a left foot injury. He would get $325,000 each on May 1 and June 15, and $375,000 apiece on July 15 and Aug. 15.

He also can earn $1.2 million in performance bonuses: $200,000 each for 300, 350, 400, 450, 500 and 550 plate appearances.

This is such a smart contract for the A's.

In other news, Castro has confirmed that Cuba will field a team for the WBC and Paul Konerko doesn't want a C on his jersey. Plus, my favorite AP headline ever:

Neagle pleads guilty to prostitution charge

I mean, seriously now.