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Other people doing stuff

Preston Wilson is an Astro.

Jae Seo and Tim Hamulack were traded to the Dodgers for Steve Schmoll and Duaner Sanchez. Seo could be really good for LA. The Mets also signed Bret Boone to a minor league deal.

The Jays agreed to a deal with Jason Phillips. Marquis Grissom is with the Cubs now.

There's a headline about A-Rod reconsidering playing in the WBC, but I'm about as interested in A-Rod's flip-floppery as I am in onions (I hate onions), so I didn't bother to read which team he might possibly play for.

Wait, another headline says it would be the US.

The Blue Jays might send Corey Koskie back to Minnesota.

The Pittsburgh-Burnitz deal is official. Then again, so was ours.