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No go on Manny/Clement; maybe go on Hidalgo

The O's have apparently officially turned down the Manny/Clement/cash for Tejada deal from Boston. At this point I'll be legitimately surprised if Tejada is dealt.

We also look to be in "the hunt" for Richard Hidalgo, who has been garbage the last two seasons, one of them spent in Arlington, and hasn't been good three of his last four. Hidalgo's 2000 was a major fluke. He'll be 31 next June and is doing nothing but getting worse. He's sort of like the new Mondesi, I guess. I do not want him, but what can I do, stop them? If he makes his way into an O's uniform, I'll just hope he can at least hit like he did in 2001 (.275/.356/.455), but it would be a fool's bet.