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A roundabout way of getting to a question about the Orioles

You know what? I think the Blue Jays are getting overrated.

It's not that I don't think they could chase the wild card or even the division, but people seem to be just locking them in at at least second place.

That said they were pretty good this year and have improved their team. Boston and New York will be in the mix of course, so any chance we have of contending this season is going to be a huge uphill battle. I know this is no surprise, but our division is tough.

My question for y'all is: Do you think we have a better shot of finishing third or higher, or finishing last? Assume at least pretty good health for all the teams, as in nothing that's going to cost anyone ten wins or more. And honestly, if stuff breaks right for the Orioles they can finish third or better, because the White Sox won the World Series and I thought they were going to finish fourth. I don't know who would finish fourth, but none of those "top three" teams are unbeatable juggernauts or anything.