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Corey Patterson - Welcome to Our Team

I used a dissenting headline but I don't really disagree with Al from BCB. I'm expecting very little but frustration out of Patterson.

However, my thoughts on Patterson (and many peoples' thoughts on Patterson) can be covered with this Hardball Times article.

I really did like Nate Spears, but his upside was probably being the non-huge hot streak Brian Roberts, and Perez isn't going to be a star or anything close probably.

I think it's a good deal for the O's. Patterson still has a lot of talent. I've seen a lot of Corey Patterson, more than most of you I figure, and I assure you Al's assessment is no overstatement. I'm not even a Cubs fan and watching Patterson has made me mad.

He's regarded as being stubborn, and he's always come off as a bit daft to me, like a guy at a party that's truly unaware that he's being a total pain in the ass.

But, again -- it's a fine calculated risk for the O's. Patterson, at 26, still has more potential value than Spears and Perez put together, and if we've found ourselves a left fielder that will allow Conine to play some first and take some days off, that's super. If we haven't, we most likely gave up nothing.

So hey, welcome to Corey Patterson, and good luck to him.