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O's 2006 schedule

I'm sure you've all seen it by now, but in case you haven't, here it is (Sun).

The big'uns, obviously:

March 2: Spring training starts (Marlins, Fort Lauderdale)
March 14: My birthday (Mets, St. Lucie)

April 3: Opening Day (Devil Rays)
April 6-8: Red Sox
April 21-23: at Yankees

May 5-7: at Red Sox
May 15-17: Red Sox
May 19-21: at Expos

June 2-4: Yankees
June 23-25: Expos
June 27-29: Phillies

June 30-July 2: at Braves (this is the series where we've rejuvenated Atlanta two years running)
July 3-6: at White Sox
July 28-30: White Sox

August 4-6: Yankees
August 11-13: at Red Sox
August 14-16: at Yankees

September 8-11: Yankees
September 12-14: Red Sox
September 26-28: at Yankees
September 29-October 1: at Red Sox

Three series that close the season: Twins, at Yankees, at Red Sox

If we're in contention, my language filter goes out the window for those three.

Nastiest Roadtrip: at Braves, at White Sox, at Indians (June 30-July 9) -OR- at Blue Jays, at Red Sox, at Yankees (August 7-17)

Pitchers and catchers start reporting for some teams on February 15 (the O's have no set date yet). I can't freaking wait.