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The end of the road

Let's sum up the final game in ten sentences.

  1. It was rained out after five innings, but the Red Sox won 9-0 anyway.
  2. Hayden Penn was again humiliated, giving up seven earned runs over two and two-thirds.
  3. Devern Hansack threw a five-inning no-hitter.
  4. The final starting lineup had Fahey at short, Tatis in left, Gomez at first, Newhan in right, and Chavez behind the plate.
  5. Lowell, Loretta and Hinske homered.
  6. Carlos Pena walked, which scored a run.
  7. Gabe Kapler had a three-RBI double.
  8. Final Orioles pitcher of the season: Russ Ortiz.
  9. Fernando Tatis was our only baserunner, and the Red Sox quickly turned a double play.
  10. Our best player ended his season 0-for-2 with two strikeouts.
How about that, Orioles fans? I guess you could say we went down swinging, or at least hacking.