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Playoffs Thread: STL at NYM (1)


St. Louis at NY Mets - Game 1, FOX, 8:05
Jeff Weaver, RH (8-14, 5.76) v. Tom Glavine, LH (15-7, 3.82)

Big advantage for the Mets as far as the starting pitchers go, and really they're a far better team. I picked the Dodgers to beat the Cardinals because the Dodgers had a full rotation, and that's also why I picked the Dodgers to go to the World Series. But I also picked the Twins, so shows what I know. The Mets are similar to the Cardinals but they're more what the Cardinals are attempting to be. Delgado is no Pujols, but they have David Wright (the next generation's Scott Rolen) and Beltran and Jose Reyes and Lo Duca and all kinds of guys that contribute offensively. The Cardinals live and die on what Pujols does, even though they do have other good players. They just don't have enough of them, and having one starter is bad news.