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Playoffs Thread: OAK at DET (4), NYM at STL (3)

Oakland at Detroit - Game 4, FOX, 4:35
Detroit leads series, 3-0
Dan Haren, RH (14-13, 4.12) v. Jeremy Bonderman (14-8, 4.08)

First of all: What the motherhumping hell with The Gambler? When the hell is the last time Kenny Rogers was intimidating on the mound? Well, besides the ALDS, I mean. And now the A's have to face Bonderman, a young power pitcher throwing at a time of the year when power pitchers are at their best, and the Tigers are one win away from the World Series. If you saw this coming in March, you better be on your way to Vegas to cash in on that twenty dollar bet you made.

NY Mets at St. Louis - Game 3, FOX, 8:05
Series tied, 1-1
Steve Trachsel, RH (15-8, 4.97) v. Jeff Suppan, RH (12-7, 4.12)

Suppan should only start at home in the playoffs, so good call. So Taguchi!???! Also, can I relate how much I can't stand Scott Spiezio? Not in a harsh way, really. If Spiezio was on my team I'd probably like him. But my God. He is like Rock n' Roll Brosius. I'm rooting lightly for the Mets in this series because I don't want an 83-win team making it to the dance. I also don't want to hear Buck/McCarver say "In 1968..." 347 times and 50,000 clips of Bob Gibson and the like if it's Tigers/Cards.