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Playoffs Thread: NYM at STL (4)

NY Mets at St. Louis - Game 4, FOX, 8:15
St. Louis leads series, 2-1
Oliver Perez, LH (3-13, 6.65) v. Anthony Reyes, RH (5-8, 5.06)

Everyone seems to be tolling the bells on the Mets' season right now since they're going with Oliver Perez today as they have no other option, but not me. I know he's been terrible, but it's not like Anthony Reyes is any great shakes right now, either, and plus I just like Oliver Perez. Maybe I'm jinxing the Mets (I probably am, and I don't really care anyway), but I'm putting it out there with my name attached and everything: Oliver Perez will deliver tonight. Bank on it! Count it up! Oliver Perez!