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Re: Oliver Perez

Five and two-thirds innings, nine hits, five earned runs, three homers, three strikeouts. See? He got it done! Just ask Joe Buck. Joe Buck said Perez's performance was "terrific."

God, Joe Buck. I thought that Thom Brennaman had taken a big lead in the "Who is really worse between these two guys?" battle that's been raging like a wildfire for a few years now after his legitimately angry and very, very strange diatribe about how the Oakland A's had played themselves out of ANOTHER postseason with their UTTER FAILURE to play the SMALL BALL (it was really their utter failure to do anything at the plate that hurt them), but Buck calling Perez's outing "terrific" has brought it all back to square one. As for Brennaman's ridiculousness, if you were wondering how long it takes for a team to go from great and finally made it to utterly useless in the minds of a national play-by-play broadcaster, the answer is right after they're swept out of the ALCS after sweeping in the ALDS. It was almost as if the Oakland A's didn't just win 93 games and go to the ALCS. You'd really think that never happened.

Or maybe Brennaman is an A's fan and he was just upset. Either way, I about threw my cap at the TV during that mess.

Also, can someone hire Lou Piniella to manage a team so I can stop listening to him in October? I mean, I like Lou Piniella, and it's not that he's wrong, really, just boring. But what do I want? I guess the choices are "loud and stupid" or "dull and inoffensive." At least Rex Hudler is gone. And at least Steve Lyons is, too.

Maybe FOX could hire Jim Palmer. Sit Jim Palmer down next to Thom Brennaman and watch me have an aneurysm. Fun for the whole family.