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World Series Thread: DET at STL (4)

Detroit at St. Louis - Game 4 - FOX, 8:05
St. Louis leads series, 2-1
Jeremy Bonderman, RH (14-8, 4.08) v. Jeff Suppan, RH (12-7, 4.12)

Again, Suppan was great at Busch Stadium this season. Bonderman has been awesome this postseason. Rained out yesterday, hopefully they can get it in tonight, but there's more big rain in the forecast in San Louie.

Quick notes:

* Gary Sheffield's option was picked up by New York.
* The A's have a two-year deal on the table for Frank Thomas, and Billy Beane is working with Frank's agent, Arn Tellem, on that deal. The A's are considering bench coach Bob Geren, awesome third base coach Ron Washington, Orel Hershiser and Bud Black for their managerial opening.
* Francisco Liriano is considering elbow surgery since the pain hasn't stopped. He has stopped trying to rehab the arm.
* Mike Timlin will be back in Boston on a one-year, $2.8 million deal.
* Andruw Jones' contract expires with Atlanta after the 2007 season, and he and agent Scott Boras will be seeking a $20 million/year deal. Part of me hopes Jones has a shitty year, because he is in no way worth that much money and any team that gives it to him will be making a huge mistake. He is not Alex Rodriguez, and even Alex Rodriguez hasn't been worth $20 million a year.