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Bringing it all back home

You know what? I ragged on Turd Williams a lot this season. We all did. He deserved it. He had it coming to him.

But the season is over. Like Ted Williams said of Shoeless Joe Jackson's lifetime ban from the Hall of Fame, "Last time I checked, Joe Jackson was dead." Let's let sleeping dogs lie.

Yes, I know, Turd spent too much of 2006 like this:

But that's all in the past! I used to care, but, things have changed. I say it's time to forgive. Let's begin the healing process.

Remember 2005? Oh, the times we had with Mr. Billiams. He set 'em up and Beej knocked 'em down. He was reliable. He was there for us. He had a nicer nickname.

So, what I'm saying is, this calls for the return of The Todd. I will not accept arguments.