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Notable free agent filings thus far

Barry Bonds
Nomar Garciaparra
Jason Schmidt
Alfonso Soriano
Frank Thomas


Moises Alou
Frank Catalanotto
Darin Erstad
Cliff Floyd
Luis Gonzalez
Orlando Hernandez
Shea Hillenbrand
Aubrey Huff
Adam Kennedy
Ted Lilly
Julio Lugo
Gil Meche
Trot Nixon
Jay Payton
Dave Roberts
J.C. Romero
Steve Trachsel
Todd Walker
Craig Wilson


Chris Gomez
Russ Ortiz
Chris Widger


What will we do now? The offseason has barely begun, and already we are being slammed by vital losses. Chris Widger, thank you so much for all of your great contributions to this organization. We're really going to miss you around here. Chris Gomez, you are also named Chris.

Russ. Russ, where did it go wrong for you and us? Can't we work it out, Russ? Is there anything that we can do to convince you to stay?

Russ, I know it hasn't been easy, and that sometimes people say you're the worst pitcher ever born into this world, but just...don't...go. Not yet. You still haven't been tarred and feathered outside of the stadium.