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O's park-adjusted ERA+ numbers

To truly illustrate how bad this year's staff was, let's take a quick look at the team's park-adjusted ERA+ stats. 100 is league average. Johan Santana scored a 161, for instance.

Bedard 120
Cabrera 95
Benson 94
Loewen 84
Rodrigo 76
Penn 30

Relievers get gaudier numbers generally. Papelbon was a goddamned 500.

Ray 166
Britton 135
Rleal 102
Hawkins 101
Turd 95
Birkins 91
Manon 84
Halama 74
Chen 65
Ortiz 53
Brower 33

We had five pitchers on the staff that were league average or better, and Rleal and Hawkins were barely there, plus Rleal sucks and was lucky to do that well.

Bedard's 120 is nice. The AL's top five was Santana (161), Halladay (147), Sabathia (139), Mussina (125) and Verlander (124). Wang was at 120 and Zito was at 116. Kazmir was at 144 but didn't pitch enough innings to qualify for the league leaders. Same goes for Francisco Liriano (207) and Jered Weaver (171).

So, there's more evidence that we sucked this season. Compelling and inspiring, no?