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Playoffs Thread: DET at NYY (2), STL at SDP (2), LAD at NYM (2)

Quick news: Buck Showalter is gone. Phil Garner got an extension. Randy Johnson will start game three. Duque is likely out for the postseason. Actual AP headline: 'October is Jeter's time' -- you know, just in case you haven't heard it before. Also, a new top ten quote of the year right here:

"It was an accident. Milton Bradley came into the dugout, threw his batting gloves up, hit the coffee and it landed on me," Loaiza said. "It's baseball."

Detroit at NY Yankees - Game 2, ESPN, 1:05

NY Yankees lead series, 1-0

Justin Verlander (17-9, 3.63) v. Mike Mussina (15-7, 3.51)

They called the whole thing off, assumedly because Mussina had a tummy ache or Ron Guidry had gas and they didn't want to be in the dugout with him. I don't know. They'd have gotten the game in had they started at 8, but it's cautionary and with games that count I suppose it's worth it. It's not like the Tigers have a shot anyway. The Tigers are just plain sorry right now. Back up the truck. Back it up.

St. Louis at San Diego - Game 2, ESPN, 4:05

St. Louis leads series, 1-0

Jeff Weaver, RH (8-14, 5.76) v. David Wells, LH (3-5, 4.42)

Why, yes, Martha, this is a playoff matchup in the National League. Any prodding the National League takes -- as well as outright insults on the state of their league -- is rather deserved when you look at it like this. To be absolutely fair and attempt to make you watch this game, I'll say this: Weaver was much better with the Cardinals than he was with the Angels. Of course, he still posted a 5.18 ERA with St. Louis. Wells was pretty good over his five starts back in San Diego, but really? A career reject with a 6 ERA against a fat 43-year old? The National League, ladies and gentlemen!

LA Dodgers at NY Mets - Game 2, FOX, 8:05

NY Mets lead series, 1-0

Hong-Chih Kuo, LH (1-5, 4.22) v. Tom Glavine, LH (15-7, 3.82)

This was going to be a Glavine/Maddux matchup, but now we get Hong-Chih Kuo. God, screw you, National League. Kuo did pitch well in his five starts down the stretch (he also had 23 relief appearances), but man. KUO?