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Playoffs Thread: NYY at DET (3), MIN at OAK (3)

Minnesota at Oakland - Game 3, ESPN, 4:05
Oakland leads series, 2-0
Brad Radke, RH (12-9, 4.32) v. Dan Haren, RH (14-13, 4.12)

Did you ever see Rounders, the pre-poker explosion poker movie with Matt Damon and Ed Norton and John Malkovich as a Russian mobster, and Malkovich tells Damon to get out of a hand, because "is no good for you"? This matchup is no good for you, Twins. Radke is not 100 percent and he was straight up awful outside of the Metrodome this season, posting a 5.55 ERA in 13 road starts, with batters hitting a robust .361 off of him. Any time you have home field advantage and drop the first two games at home, you've backed yourself into a corner (duh), but seriously, nothing looks good for the Twins right now. To win this series, they have to do it on the backs of Radke and Carlos Silva. And they have to start scoring runs. Santana and Bonser did not tank those games. The A's just outplayed them.

Go figure, the one year I pick the A's to lose in the first round, they look great for two games. Obviously they've done THAT song and dance before, but I've expected it then.

NY Yankees at Detroit - Game 3, ESPN, 8:05
Series tied, 1-1
Randy Johnson, LH (17-11, 5.00) v. Kenny Rogers, LH (17-8, 3.84)

Here is Detroit's best and perhaps only real shot at pulling the upset on the Yankees. They've got to win today, and they're going up against Randy Johnson and his screwed up back, they're at home, and they're starting their veteran.

Rogers has to step up. Has to. He went 7-3 with a 3.26 ERA at Kramerica Park this season. Johnson was 10-5 with a 5.01 ERA on the road, which matches up almost exactly with his home numbers. Johnson had an awful year, particularly for being Randy Johnson.

I have to wonder if this is the oldest postseason pitching matchup in history, Johnson at 43 and Rogers at 41 (he turns 42 in November). If it is and that's been said a million times on TV, my apologies. I have tried to avoid listening to the TV except when BILL HALL is on Cold Pizza.