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A's sweep, Radke's career is over

The A's swept today, with an 8-3 win over Minnesota, and all props to the A's.

But I wanna talk about Brad Radke. This is a guy that took the hill today with a torn labrum and stress fracture in his shoulder. He left after four innings, with his team losing, and the first thing the rest of the Minnesota Twins did was shake Brad Radke's hand. That says a lot about his role with that team. He was a Twins lifer, drafted in 1991 and coming to Minnesota in 1995. He had his "best" season in 1997, going 20-10 for a 68-win team. He really had two years better than that: a 12-14 hard luck year in 1999, and an 11-8 season in 2003.

He now retires young, as he doesn't turn 34 until October 27. It's just the end of the line for his right arm, but Brad Radke went down doing all he could for the only organization he played for in his entire major league career. He was the ace of the Twins that were terrible, and he was a vital piece of the rebirth of Minnesota baseball.

He's no Hall of Famer, but he finishes his career with a 148-139 record, 4.22 ERA, and park-adjusted ERA+ of 113. He was a damn solid pitcher and a leader. I'm not a Twins fan, but Radke's the type of guy you want on your team.

One time on this site, someone brought up the possibility of acquiring Radke. I said I couldn't imagine Brad Radke not in a Twins jersey, and that he probably couldn't either. We'll never get that chance. Brad Radke was a Minnesota Twin, and a good one. He finishes his career fourth on the Twins all-time win list, behind Walter Johnson, Jim Kaat and Bert Blyleven. Not bad company.

Honestly, Radke was a man's man to be pitching with the pain he must have been in. Raise your glass to Brad Radke one time. Not an Oriole, but a ballplayer.