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Playoffs Thread: SDP at STL (3), NYY at DET (4), NYM at LAD (3)


Every series could be ended today.

San Diego at St. Louis - Game 3, ESPN2, 1:05
St. Louis leads series, 2-0
Chris Young, RH (11-5, 3.46) v. Jeff Suppan, RH (12-7, 4.12)

The Padres sure haven't shown up. Again. I expected Chris Young to have a nice season in San Diego thanks to Petco Park, but he had a nice season for San Diego while pitching way better on the road, oddly enough. At Petco, Young was 5-5 with a 4.60 ERA, compared to a 6-0 mark and 2.41 ERA on the road. Suppan had a 3.18 ERA in St. Louis against a 5.36 ERA on the road. The Cardinals won't throw him outside of their house this postseason if they don't have to, I assume. I wonder who Cubs fans are rooting for in this series?

NY Yankees at Detroit - Game 4, FOX, 4:05
Detroit leads series, 2-1
Jaret Wright, RH (11-7, 4.49) v. Jeremy Bonderman, RH (14-8, 4.08)

Bonderman had a really good first half (3.46/1.14, 8-4) before falling off after the break (4.87/1.49, 6-4). I keep (kept?) saying that the Tigers had almost no chance against the Yankees, and that it all depended on their pitching. I just didn't think their pitchers were going to hold up after that tank job to lose the AL Central, and I sure as hell didn't think Verlander was going to battle the Yankee lineup the way he did, and I sure as ALL hell didn't think Kenny Rogers was going to turn in one of the best performances of his entire life in game three. But that's exactly what has happened. Robertson couldn't get it done in game one, but Verlander beat Mussina and then Rogers destroyed Randy Johnson and everyone else. Now the Yankee season, all $800 trillion of it, rests on Jaret Wright. And you know what? Jaret Wright is better than Randy Johnson. Yeah I said it. You wanna fight about it? WHO DAT TALKIN BOUT BEATIN DEM TIGERS? If Detroit takes the Yankees out, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are going to be in a mad scramble to assemble irrelevant facts, stupid anecdotes and batting averages for the Tigers and A's.

NY Mets at LA Dodgers - Game 3, FOX, 7:35
NY Mets lead series, 2-0
Steve Trachsel, RH (15-8, 4.97) v. Greg Maddux, RH (14-13, 4.20)

Here's a vintage Greg Maddux line: 1.76, 0.80, .199 BAA. That's Maddux in Dodger Stadium this season. For his career, Maddux is 10-10 with a 3.22 ERA in the postseason (31 G, 29 GS). Steve Trachsel made his MLB debut on September 19, 1993, pitching for the Cubs against the expansion Marlins (7 IP, 4 H, 5 K, 1 BB, 2 ER, and he took the loss), and he's 35 years old. This is his first postseason game.

I still don't think you can count the Dodgers out. They're down 2-0, but they're throwing Maddux and Penny at home, and then if they can force game five, they go back to New York with Derek Lowe. With Nomar out, they have to do it with pitching.