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Playoffs Thread: SDP at STL (4)

As you've probably heard, Brian Cashman wants to keep Joe Torre. However, Steinbrenner may not, and his first choice to replace Torre, should he choose to jettison him, would be Lou Piniella.

Nomar and Thome won the Comeback Player of the Year awards, both deserving. Buck O'Neil passed at age 94. I hate to make that such a footnote, but what am I gonna tell you about Buck O'Neil that you probably don't already know? Read up.

Jason Grilli is cool.

San Diego at St. Louis - Game 4, FOX, 8:05
St. Louis leads series, 2-1
Woody Williams, RH (12-5, 3.65) v. Chris Carpenter, RH (15-8, 3.09)

The Cardinals are definitely doing the right thing by going for the kill at home with their ace. Carpenter pitched brilliantly in St. Louis this season, going 8-4 with a 1.81 ERA. Woody Williams didn't do so great on the road, with a 4.29 ERA (which isn't terrible, but he was 2.93 at Petco), though he did go 8-3. Who would've figured on Woody Williams starting a playoff game at age 40? Go Pads, since I've managed to be wrong about EVERY OTHER SERIES.