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Never ask me for betting advice

Cardinals in four, Mets in three, Tigers in four, A's in three. So I got everything totally wrong.

Cardinals @ Mets: Give me the Mets in five. Too much firepower for a team with one starting pitcher.

Tigers @ A's: I don't know, man. Similarish teams. Good starting pitching, solid bullpens, questionable hitting. To be fair if Chavez starts swinging, the A's are a different team with him behind Thomas in the lineup. Both teams have to rely on the rotations. The Tigers are sticking with Robertson, Verlander, Rogers and Bonderman. Oakland will have Zito in game one and Loaiza in game two, and I expect Haren and Harden as the second two. I'm not rooting for anyone in particular here, just good baseball. But I'd love to see Frank Thomas get into a World Series. A's in seven.