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We've traded Chris Britton for Jaret Wright

The Sun is reporting that it's pretty much a done deal.

I'm so annoyed by this that I can't explain it.

It's Jaret Wright and $4 million of his $7 million salary for a reliever who was one of the only two relievers on this entire God forsaken team that could consistently get people out and get out of innings without a shitload of luck.

I HATE this trade, and I realize that if Wright works out -- let's just say, shall we? -- he's far more valuable for 180 innings or whatever than Britton would be for 70 or so, but I'm going to straight up be a fan about this one, because I LIKE Chris Britton, and now I have to HATE him. Also, I do not like Jaret Wright, and now I have to try.

It's not that it's the worst deal ever, but I hate it anyway.

I'd wish Chris Britton good luck, but he's a Yankee.