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Baseball Think Factory on Wright/Britton

I don't usually go out of my way to go, "Yup," when it comes to what other folks are saying, but Dan Szymborski (an Orioles fan, mind you), sums up a lot of what I try to say a lot of the time, though with different words and perhaps a less steadily-going-insane-watching-this-team attitude with his recent post on the Wright deal.

After 10 years, the Orioles have still learned nothing. The team does none of the things that good teams do. While the farm system has developed a few players in recent years, something they couldn't do in the late 90s, the farm system still didn't give the Orioles much depth and looks pretty dry again. The depth the Orioles did develop, like John Maine and now Chris Britton, were both traded away for older players that are most likely inferior.

For the 10th season in a row, the Orioles will finish below .500, not have the slightest clue why other than OH MY GOD SOME OF OUR PLAYERS WERE ACTUALLY INJURED HOW COULD WE HAVE SUCH HORRIFIC LUCK?