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Quickies: Mussina, Matsuzaka, Iwamura, Nomar, Frank, Pierre, Zito

The Yankees declined their $17 million option on Mike Mussina, giving Mussina a $1.5 million buyout. Moose will be staying with the Yankees, though, as a two-year deal for around $23 million is very close to being finalized.

The winning bid on Daisuke Matsuzaka was $51 million from the Red Sox. Boston has 30 days to negotiate with Scott Boras, and if no contract is signed, the $51 million won't be paid. Boston's rotation next season, if Matsuzaka is signed, will have Curt Schilling, Jonathan Papelbon, Tim Wakefield and Josh Beckett alongside Matsuzaka.

The Marcus Giles-to-San Diego deal appears to be off, and the Padres are now shifting their attention toward Nomar Garciaparra to fill their second base void.

Third baseman Akinori Iwamura's bidding came to a paltry $4.5 million, and the Devil Rays won the rights.

The Rangers are targeting Barry Zito, and since Tom Hicks actually gets along with Scott Boras, that could happen. The Padres will meet with Boras in regard to Zito, but they probably don't have the money unless Zito wants to offer his hometown team a discount.

The A's have given Frank Thomas an offer believed to be two years for about $15 million. They are not expected to go above that.

Oakland's move to Fremont has brought up the naming issue, and it sounds like it'll be "X Athletics of Fremont," whether that means "Oakland" or "California" or whatever. Oakland Athletics of Fremont is a damn weird sounding name, but the times they are a-changing.

The Cubs signed Mark DeRosa to a three-year, $13 million deal. He is the leading candidate to play second base for Chicago next season. DeRosa hit .296/.357/.456 in 136 games for the Rangers in 2006.

RonDL White has filed for free agency.