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Skip Caray and Don Sutton to excitingly call your action

It's a deal worth over $3 billion, bringing you all of the Divisional Series games and alternating years of the ALCS and NLCS on none other than THE SUPERSTATION, TBS! Oh I'm jazzed. Maybe they can retain those hideous giant head graphics they used before for players on the field.

TBS has sure changed over the years, much as WGN has. With WGN expanding and losing a lot of Cubs games to Comcast SportsNet Chicago, it's just not the same WGN I grew up with. TBS doesn't have WCW Saturday Night, and they show college football now, which I've had a real hard time adjusting to.

Now the ALDS, NLDS and either the ALCS or NLCS? On TBS? Freakin' weird, bros and broettes.

FOX will retain the World Series and the LCS that isn't shown by TBS, plus the Saturday afternoon games and the useless All-Star game that now counts.

The more I grow up, the less sports I see on ESPN and the more bunch of jibber-jabbering there is to replace it.

And did we really need a Cartoon Network? And why the hell does SpikeTV exist? And where's "Murder, She Wrote" on USA???