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SBN Awards: Managers of the Year PLUS! TPA's top 10 O's prospects

The typing heads tell you what you know!

We ain't big on surprises, y'all. But so far everything's been deserved, so what can you do? Be exciting and wrong or be predictable and right.

Top Prospect Alert posted their top 10 for the O's recently, and I will share it with you. I don't totally agree, but it is a perspective that is not mine, and sometimes I like to give those the light of day. However, not often. I am just exceedingly arrogant.

1. Nolan Reimold, OF
2. Brandon Erbe, P
3. Billy Rowell, SS
4. Radhames Liz, P
5. Garrett Olson, P
6. Pedro Beato, P
7. Kieron Pope, OF
8. Jeff Fiorentino, OF
9. Brett Bordes, P
10. Brandon Snyder, C

Liz above Olson is not where I'm at. I might get around to a top 10 prospects list. It won't be stunningly different if I do. We'll see. Share your own!