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Nomar stays with Dodgers, Speier to Angels, Stanton to Reds, Alou maybe to Mets

ESPN reports that Nomar Garciaparra will stay with the Dodgers on a new, two-year contract. The deal will be formally announced later today.

Someone mentioned it in a comment on a previous post, but we're not getting Justin Speier, as he's signed with the Angels for four years. The Reds have also reached a deal with Mike Stanton.

So there's two guys we were targeting that we've already lost out on. I'm trying to be positive and cheerful, but if we wind up getting nothing out of this postseason besides Jaret Wright, Jamie Walker and a couple of other ham-and-eggers, it (1) won't be the first time we've seen that happen, and (2) won't mean anything in the 2007 standings. There's still plenty of time left, of course, but we've yet to make a hard offer on Carlos Lee, while other teams reportedly have done so, and as far as I'm aware, we haven't made any real offers to anyone else, either.

These things happen fast. Remember when we sat around in January, wondering why the hell the team had picked up what would become The Arsonists Steve, and no one else, and then we got Sosa? That worked out great. Congratulations not dragging your feet on Walker and Speier, but we're 1-for-2 and at a standstill. Almost all O's trade talk has supposedly revolved around moving Bedard, which the front office won't do. They shouldn't, and I applaud that move, but what stops this team from seeking out trades instead of waiting for someone to go, "Hey, Flanagan looks pretty lonely over there, I'll go see if he's drunk enough to agree to trade Bedard to me"?

Moises Alou and the Mets are close to a one-year deal worth between $8 and $9 million.