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Sammy Sosa in 2007!

Oh put your wig back on, not for us. ...probably.

AP story

Sammy Sosa, 12 home runs shy of 600, said he wants to return to the big leagues in 2007 after taking a year off and contemplating retirement.

"I feel good physically, and after a year of resting we are optimistic about making a decision soon about returning to baseball," the Dominican slugger told The Associated Press on Saturday.

The 37-year-old slugger did not play in 2006 after rejecting a non-guaranteed offer of $500,000 from the Washington Nationals. But the outfielder, perhaps best known for his epic home run duel with Mark McGwire in 1998, said he is motivated to return.

"I still have a lot of passion for the game and I'm in shape. I want to get to 600 home runs before saying goodbye," said Sosa.

I think Sammy's a nice dude and did a lot of good for the game, so I don't want to see him back, weakly stabbing at fastballs he can't catch and flailing at breaking balls he has no hope in hell of making solid contact with. His last season was sad enough.

And please God, not for us.

I also enjoy that Sammy doesn't do the usual "I'd like to win a World Series before saying goodbye, it's the one thing I've never accomplished as a player." Nah, just, "I want to hit 600 home runs!"