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Wednesday News Trough

The ads: Yeah I know, right? All I can really say about it is that servers/bandwidth/my magnificent skills/etc. do not pay for themselves. The sites are being tinkered with so that the ads will hopefully fit the designs better. Sometime in '07 we're getting major re-designs anyway.

But anyway, news.

The Phillies are expected to be one of the chief bidders in the Soriano sweepstakes, as they look for a power bat to complement Ryan Howard.

Speaking of Howard, he was named MVP of the MLB/Japan series, which we swept. USA! USA! Also, Canada! Canada! Venezuela! Venezuela! Dominican Republic! Dominican Republic! And, Japan! Japan! since Iguchi and Johjima were on our team. Anyway we SMOKED those CHUMPS. Where's your WBC now, huh?!

The Red Sox declined their option on Keith Foulke. Craig Biggio is probably 99 percent likely to be back with the Astros. Manny Acta wants to manage the Expos. The Rockies will bring back Jason Jennings. Dick Pole hahaha will be the new Reds pitching coach.

Ron Washington will manage the Rangers. The Padres are interested in bringing Gary Sheffield back to San Diego. Delgado will be back with the Mets. Andy Pettitte filed for free agency.

The Matsuzaka drama is unfolding somewhat. The Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Red Sox and Rangers are almost certainly going to bid. The Cardinals and Diamondbacks may. The Mariners and Dodgers have decided to not. Boras may have told some teams that Matsuzaka was either going to play with one of the New York teams or stay in Japan for 2007.

Former All-Star Johnny Sain passed away at age 89. He was an All-Star in 1947 and 1948 for the Boston Braves, and in 1953 for the Yankees. Sain went 139-116 over 11 seasons, with a 3.49 ERA. Sain was also a successful pitching coach, well ahead of his time, and his work influenced that of Leo Mazzone years later. Jim Bouton called Johnny Sain "the greatest pitching coach who ever lived." His pitchers loved him. Managers of his teams often did not, including Yogi Berra. "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain."