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Official and Final: Jay Payton is your starting left fielder

2 years, $9.5 million.

"Jay fits our need for a right-handed hitting outfielder," said Mike Flanagan, the team executive vice president for baseball operations. "The fact that he hits for average against both lefties and righties and his versatility to play all over the outfield is a real plus."

He ain't lyin' about split consistency, at least. .296 overall, with .296 v. righties and .296 v. lefties. But you get into the whole problem of signing players for empty batting averages, yada yada. We've been down the road. Career? .288 v. left, .283 v. right. 20-point difference in career OBP against right-handed pitching, which, of course, is what the majority of pitching is. 32-point OPS difference.

But by gum, that's a solid batting average.

Who knows, though? Maybe Jay Payton is the kind of guy you can find it easy to root for if he's one of your guys.

("Lookit Scott trying to be nice about Jay Payton. What a trooper! Christmas spirit!")