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And now the news

Iwamura and the D-Rays are suddenly close on a deal, the second time this week we've heard it might not happen and then it does with a Japanese player. The Rays and Rangers will play a three-game series next season at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex in Kissimmee. If you've ever been to Orlando, you know that the last thing those people give a shit about is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

The Padres have finalized the Maddux deal, and are now looking at bringing back David Wells and adding Jayson Werth.

Doug Mirabelli will caddy for Tim Wakefield again next season. Also I missed mentioning it here, but Julio Lugo signed with Boston for 4/$36m.

Miguel Batista signed a three-year deal with the Mariners, and the Seattle Times says it's for $24 million.

Joe Borowski signed a one-year deal with Houston.