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Big Pete: "No substance" to Ripken rumor

As I expected, Peter Angelos has shot this down immediately. (Sun story)

"There is no question that Cal and I have a great relationship," Angelos said. "He was a great player for the Orioles and I have an affection for him. But what's being reported, there is simply no substance to it. It has not happened. There have been no such discussions."

So, you know, so much for that.

The spring schedule has been announced at the Sun as well. First game is March 1 in Jupiter against the Marlins, and the first game in Fort Lauderdale is March 2. Against the Marlins.

I always like to see who we'll play on my birthday, and this year it's...the Marlins. In Fort Lauderdale. The O's will also be playing a three-game traveling set with the Expos on March 29-31, in the hellhole that some people call Columbus, Ohio, Norfolk, and DC.