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  • Jeremy Bonderman and the Tigers came to an agreement on a four-year, $38 million deal. Bonderman could have become a free agent after next season. Considering how good Bonderman could be (and how good he already is), this is a huge steal for the Tigers.
  • Brad Radke's retirement is official.
  • Larry Sherry, the MVP of the 1959 World Series, died from cancer at age 71.
  • Marcus Giles is likely to join his brother Brian in San Diego.
  • The JD Drew-to-Boston deal is still not finalized, as a problem with Drew's shoulder that the Red Sox are concerned about has come up. Damn, he didn't even get in the lineup before his first injury issue. The Sox and Boras are claiming it's a language issue in the contract, but Drew is heading to another doctor for a second opinion.
  • The Pirates are exploring the international market, and have signed 39-year old Masumi Kuwata to a minor league deal. Kuwata, a pitcher, is a 21-year veteran of the Japanese League. He won the league's version of the Cy Young Award in 1987, and was the MVP in 1994, but hasn't had a good year since 2002, when he won the ERA title. They also agreed to a three-year contract with Cuban defector Yoslan Herrera (RHP). Herrera is 25, supposedly.