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Bah humbug!

No Ross Gload (though that was merely a silly, useless bunch of crap from me) and no Ryan Klesko, as Klesko has signed a one-year, $1.75 million deal with the Giants.

This is almost certainly not a case of the front office doing anything wrong, though. I'm sure they were just as interested in Klesko and presented just as good of an offer, plus they had the bonus of being a team that employs a DH, which should have sounded interesting for Klesko and his questionable knee. This is probably just another case of the West Coast bias that has haunted Jim Duquette (and what's his name, the lefty) this offseason.

The factors working against the O's were as follows:

  1. Klesko was born in Westminster, CA.
  2. Klesko has played in San Diego for the last seven years, furthering his California roots.
  3. Bruce Bochy, Klesko's manager the last seven years, is now the manager of the Giants.
  4. He has played his entire career in the National League.
It all made sense for Klesko to sign with the Giants, where he'll be playing some first base (with Rich Aurilia) and some outfield.

I actually really like Klesko, so good luck to Ryan Klesko.

The O's are now likely to turn their attention fully to Aubrey Huff, because guys who are moving like Kenyan sprinters toward being washed up are just what we need.

Roch recently advocated the idea of signing Roger Cedeno, because Freddie Bynum and Adam Stern are Orioles. I don't know why Roch thinks Cedeno is any better than either of those guys, plus Cedeno is a jerk. He hasn't had a good season since 1999. I don't like to rag on Roch -- partly because I think he's really cool and quite good -- but that is a horrible idea, even worse than my Ross Gload obsession.