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Further talk about a new spring home

The city of Fort Lauderdale declined funding to improve the park the Orioles use for spring training, which increases the likelihood that the Orioles will be leaving for a new spring home after the upcoming exhibition season.

The Orioles moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1996, and their deal there runs out after 2007. There's a chance the team could relocate to Arizona.

The Orioles are also one of the teams that the state of Florida is trying to keep in Florida for spring training, so there's still a decent chance we'll be staying in Fort Lauderdale, if the decision can get reversed soon.

Fascinating stuff, I know. Where the Orioles and their ragtag spring crew do wind sprints is eternally important to me.

Elsewhere, the Mets are pursuing Zito and Suppan. Boras says Drew is healthy. The Expos signed Robert Fick to a minor league deal. The Padres signed Marcus Giles. Rod Barajas is a Phillie. David Riske, Zach Day and Brandon Duckworth signed with Kansas City. RonDL White will be with the Twins for another year.

Some dude is a Major League identity thief.